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Dennis Landes and Dr. Ann Landes warmly welcome you to our location. Services offered include Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine and Naturopathy, but go way beyond the normal context of these health sciences.

We offer exceptionally high quality natural healthcare in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. We have each been working with folks Naturally since 1971. We began working together in 1982. Through the years we have each gathered a wealth of experience, training, and knowledge in a vast array of natural healthcare modalities, enriching our expertise and adding to the quality of life for patients.

We specialize in High Level Wellness, and are also well versed in assisting those that have "been everywhere", "tried everything", "seen all the experts", and have experienced little or no change. We welcome the chronic cases, the acute cases, and especially welcome all folks seeking high quality wellness.

Our work is suitable for all ages, from new born to senior. Some of the health complaints we help with are: Aches, Pains, Stress, Back-Shoulder-Neck-Arm-Hand-Hip-Leg-Knee-Ankle-Foot complaints, Migraine, Male & Female problems, Stroke, Enhancing Sports Performance, Heart, Bowel, Stomach, Heartburn, Arthritis, Indigestion, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Allergies, Sinus, etc.

Please use the guide in the upper left of this page to learn more about us. Do contact us if you are wondering if we can help you with a health problem, or have questions about care and making an appointment.

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Landes Healthcare
Dennis and Ann Landes
PO Box 1137
Vilcabamba, Loja
Ecuador 11019

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