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What is fulfillment?  

How does one Be?  
It is an impossibility to do.  
What a puzzle.  

What is duality?  
Is it not other than one?  

Does one cling to “good” and hate/despise “bad”?  
What a puzzle.  

One must choose one master.  
One may not serve two.  

Is there truly a choice?  
Or just the illusion of choice?  
What a puzzle.  

May one “love” some one/thing and also “hate” another one/thing?  
What a puzzle.  

May one ever be “burned” by love?  
May one ever be “hurt” by truth?  
Are Love and Truth ever other than One?  
What a puzzle.  

DL  1972


Copyright 2009 Dennis Landes. All Rights Reserved